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Flexible flat feet have some arch, even if the arch only appears while the person is flexing the foot or standing on their toes. The condition of flat feet in adults is known as “fallen arches.” Not all adults develop fallen arches, and some people are more prone to developing the condition than others. Over time, this can weaken the components that make up the arch and cause the arch to collapse. The arch that runs from the heel to the toe is known as the longitudinal arch, while the one that runs the width is known as the transverse arch. From seed to watermelon in just nine months: fallen arches are part of the deal for many mamas-to-be. The nine months of pregnancy are filled with many changes — some exciting, some not so much. Flat feet and pes planus are the terms used to describe collapsed or fallen arches, meaning that the entire sole of the foot rests partially or completely on the ground. Most infants exhibit flat feet, but this is normal since most infants still have baby fat, which hides the arch formation.
As the child grows and learns to walk, the soft tissues in the foot begin to tighten and form the arch.
By the time the child has reached double digits in age, he or she should have developed normal arches.
But studies show that people with higher arches are four times more likely to injure or sprain their ankles than people with flat feet.
Minimize pain by wearing comfortable shoes with plenty of arch support, drinking plenty of water, and elevating your feet.

The more knowledgeable you are about what to expect, the more prepared you can be to sail through pregnancy with minimal surprises … right up until the magical moment of birth.
In most cases, the child will grow out of the condition and develop an arch before reaching adolescence. This causes great pain while walking, and shoes with arches are not helpful and can make the condition worse. In fact, up to 70 percent of pregnant women report an increase in both foot width and length during pregnancy. In fact, you are not alone.Foot pain and aching legs is one of the common complaints from pregnant woman (even for experienced mothers!) other than morning sickness, backache, nausea and vomiting or stretch marks.
Read on to learn three pregnancy facts to add to the lists of infinite reasons why pregnancy is both weird and wonderful. However, this problem is often not given much thought as most expected mothers believed that it is the “standard norm” throughout the pregnancy period. This is caused by the increase hormones of estrogen and relaxin during pregnancy that causes ligament laxity between the heel and foot bones. In addition, it increases your foot size which explains why your previous heels or shoes do not fit in to your feet when you are pregnant.On the other hand, weight gain during pregnancy occurs due to the growing uterus (womb), developing fetus (baby), additional water retention and increased breast size. Besides, it also causes your feet to roll inwards abnormally and you can feel the strain when you walk.Prevention Tips For Flat Feet Look for “ready-made foot orthotics” that comes with good arch support to provide balancing and comfort.
This helps to relax your feet and improves blood circulation.If there is pain in the arch, you can try rolling a frozen water bottle under the arch two times a day.
These factors may lead to intense heel pain (plantar fasciitis), arch pain in the ball of the foot and chronic arch fatigue.

At times, you may even lose your balance if you are not careful enough.Edema Edema or swollen feet is a common foot problem during pregnancy whereby there is painful swelling in the feet or ankles which is caused by accumulation of excess fluids and blood in your tissues.
It is usually seen during the third trimester when pregnancy hormones results to an increase (up to 50%) in blood volume and fluids that supply the essential nutrients to the baby.
Thus, it is common for pregnant woman to see their foot increasing up to half or even full size in footwear.Prevention Tips For Edema Drink lots of water.
Though edema is usually harmless and the swelling will disappear after delivery, it can be uncomfortable and painful, affecting your mobility during pregnancy.Leg Cramps Leg cramps or charley horses is the one of the most common causes of leg and foot pain during pregnancy.
Almost half of all pregnant mothers may suffer muscles contractions in the calf muscles during their 2nd and 3rd trimester. Besides, leg cramps can also occurs when the extra pressure of the growing baby acts on the nerves and blood vessels.Varicose Veins Varicose veins refer to those ugly, dark blue or purple swollen veins which stick out above the skin surface during pregnancy.
By understanding the causes of leg and foot pain during pregnancy as well as adopting the prevention tips, it helps you to go through these memorable 9 months comfortably and confidently.The above information is meant for your general reference only and is not intended to replace any professional medical advice from your doctor or midwife. I just want to add my vote for drinking water to flush out the system not to mention all the other benefits drinking plenty of water will give you and your foetus while pregnant.
Often we overlook water as a great cure for what ails us, reaching for the medicine cabinet instead which is not always the best idea, especially while carrying.However, your suggestion to use a bottle of frozen water bottle twice a day to roll under the arches to relive pain is a great one that I never even thought of.

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