Good custom orthotics provide a number of advantages over the generic inserts that you find in the store. Correcting fallen arches can greatly affect postural correction, providing relief to both your feet and spine. Flat feet is a condition where the arch of the feet undergo collapse and flatten: That is why it is often also referred to as fallen arches. There have long been anecdotal reports that barefoot running can actually raise the arch of the foot and reverse flat feet, but now we have available the remarkable case study presented by a 41 year old male who recorded his foot print prior to engaging in a six month campaign of walking and running barefoot. The Before & After footprints posted above clearly show how the remarkable transition from a flattened foot (or  flat foot) to a healthy and normal arch.
What about if the diagnosis is a fallen transversal arch (the width of the foot, not the lenghth). New technology allows us to determine the degree that your arches fall, and how high each individual arch should be when corrected. Indeed, supportive shoes tend to limit the motion exercise of foot muscles which can lead to further flattening of the arch!

In barefooted populations, having a low arch really doesn't translate into foot problems. The absence of the extra muscles and tendons in the shin and calf area required to raise the arch translates to lighter lower leg weight and increased speed. Last year my knees started being a horrible pain, my hips and back were suffering from it too, I went to the doctor and he realized my feet were leaning inwards quite a lot and my arch was nonexistent, there was also a bulge of skin and soft muscle coming out from the place where the arch is supposed to be, supporting all my weight, my feet are now deformed because my parents listened to a person like you who is lucky enough to not have pain YET. A flattened arch spreads the forefoot and causes the big toe to deviate toward the second toe. If your arches fall the same amount on each side, you might be able to use an insert off the shelf. This condition is present in up to 30% of all people, and it is unfortunately not reversible by the use of arch-shaping shoe inserts, whether over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. It is only in shod populations that the shoe leads to a weak arch and subsequent flattening. After a year of weaning off support and padding, I tried my old orthotics for fun- My arches don't even rest on them!

I will have to try barefoot and see if it helps with the issues associated with a fallen arch. If you have a high arch, a generic insert will likely not be high enough for full correction.
Also, if the arch was higher and is abruptly becoming lower – with or without pain, it may mean their is a underlying problem (like a posterior tibial tendon tear). Laser analysis provides information regarding how high each arch is, how much they collapse, the potential degree of correction, and the percentage of tension that can be reduced on the plantar fascia.

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