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Extensor tendonitis of the foot,corn toenail,pain in foot when walking on hard surfaces,foot odor bacteria - 2016 Feature

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Change in the training regime of an athlete such as running on the terrain or uneven surfaces especially running uphill or downhill. If there is no benefit and the problem becomes chronic, then steroid injections can be given.
Patient should enroll in a rehabilitation program comprising of strengthening the extensor muscles and stretching the calf muscles to improve range of motion and flexibility. The extensor tendons to the foot come from the relatively small muscles in the front of the leg. These tendons function to pull the foot upward and work with resistance from the Achilles' tendon and the calf muscles (flexor muscle group) that pulls the foot downward. In mild cases of extensor tendonitis treatment consists of calf muscle stretching and oral anti-inflammatory medications.

Other conditions that mimic the symptoms of extensor tendonitis are metatarsal stress fracture, atypical gout and degenerative arthritis. The two main extensor muscles are the Extensor Hallucis Longus muscle (EHL) and the Extensor Digitrorum Longus muscle (EDL).
In more sever cases treatment may include a removable below the knee cast, calf muscle stretching and oral anti-inflammatory medications. The tendons from these muscles cross the front of the ankle, pass across the top of the foot and attach into the big toe (EHL) and lesser toes (EDL). Many podiatrists may also recommend long term treatment with inserts for the shoes called orthotics. This condition can be very painful, so much so that it can be mistaken for a fracture of the foot.

The most common factors that cause extensor tendonitis are excessive tightness of the calf muscles, over exertion during exercise and falling of the foot arch.
A simple test to determine if the pain on the top of the foot is due to extensor tendonitis is to flex the foot downward and have a friend provide resistance to the top of the toes. If you experience pain across the top of the foot or along the course of a tendon on the top of the foot then the diagnosis may be extensor tendonitis.

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