LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheet Foot Mask is an alternative to pedicures that charge hefty price or fish foot spas that are prone to diseases. Each box of LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheet Foot Mask comes with 2 pairs of Exfoliating Foot Mask. I have been struggling with the calluses on my feet for years and nothing has really worked.
I had hard cracked feet, and i tried this product and it really woks very well, look like I just got a pedi. I have chapped feet and I have been using exfoliating foot mask for some time to repair.I have to say this stuff is definitely worth the price, with less than 10 bucks a pair, a box can easily last you for half a year and the quality is not too bad.

All you need is LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheets Foot Mask to remove cracked heel and calluses on feet! Each Exfoliating Foot Mask is a total foot care designed to aim for removing the hardened, dried and dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet, making it easy to use at home to maintain beautiful feet. It doesn't hurt when the skin is peeling and it leaves my feet very smooth after that.
It is an easy and convenient 2 hours home pedicure foot spa treatment that removes the dead, dried, damaged & cracked skin from your feet (cracked heel) which cause irritation and discomfort in just one application with no effort required. And now you can show off your feet when you put on footwear that exposes them and never feel embarrassed again!

5 days after I applied these foot masks, the old thick skin started falling and my feet become softer now.
Most importantly, results are guaranteed! It is a natural product formulated to achieve soft smooth supple feet and contains 17 kinds of natural plant extracts which have high moisturizing power and astringency.

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