Williamsburg Therapy Group is Proud to announce that Dr Schuster and Dr Goldstein have joined the practice! Eliot P Schuster MD is a male Internist, has 23 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine. Shira Schuster is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy in English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian.

Schuster offers a collaborative and relational approach to psychotherapy, taking an integrative stance that draws on psychodynamic principles and incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness, as appropriate for each individual. Schuster has extensive experience providing psychotherapy to adults, couples, children and families. Schuster provides a non-judgmental environment where patients can safely explore the challenges that have arisen in their lives, with the aim of creating greater understanding and meaning, decreasing suffering, and identifying and changing maladaptive patterns.

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