At the conference, held by the Knesset's Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, Schussheim retracted his previous support for the abortion committees, which were formulated to have doctors and social workers provide support and advice for women contemplating abortion. Schussheim charged the committee with becoming a rubber stamp procedure promoting abortion, saying "the doctors and social workers do not properly explain the medical and emotional risks of the abortion procedure.
Schussheim said “We at EFRAT and SAJB have found that most women do not want to have an abortion but often they are forced into it by financial concerns or outside pressure from their husbands or families due to financial concerns.
Schussheim of pro-life NGO Efrat argues at Knesset that defunct abortion committees should be replaced by information-giving process.

According to the Ministry of Health figures, 97% of those seen by the committee are given approval, irrespective of their individual situation," remarked Schussheim at the conference.
Adam E Schussheim MD is a male Internist, has 18 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease.
Eli Schussheim, the founder of EFRAT and SAJB, on one of his recent trips to the United States. Schussheim said that the goal is simply the wish to help each and every mother who is going through a tough time to make the best decision for her and her family, as well as soon to be child.

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