Of course, at $12.95 a pop, Kushionz are about 62% more expensive than the inserts from Dr. Material: Killer Kushionz are made from something that resembles a high-tech foam, while Dr.
After hoofing it around the SD in the doc’s inserts for a few days, I stopped caring about the price difference and missed my Killer Kushionz. I don’t think I’ve worn anything with a heal on it since my high school graduation 6 years ago!

I’m not a fan of the full inserts for heels, but the ball-of-foot cushion are lifesavers. You may have been referred to my practice, or you may be exploring counseling for yourself, with your partner or your family.
Scholl’s Insoles are made from some kind of thermogenic (my word) gel that turns my shoes into a steam engine, for reals! They’re basically an adhesive gel insert, like a cushioned sticker, that fit into high heels to hopefully make them more comfortable.

The adhesive the good doctor uses is just more practical than the stickier adhesive used for the Kushionz. Scholl’s inserts are carried at most drugstores, and sometimes even at grocery stores like Safeway.

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