Remote control for massage intensity or to focus on one set of muscle group and even add heat if you'd like! Furthermore, the six areas on the mat are fixed and therefore do not sit at the correct anatomical spot on everyone. I really helps massage specific areas from the neck to the legs and feels absolutely wonderful with or without the heat on.

Simply strap it to your favorite chair, and the 6 massage motors spring to life, providing gentle or intense massage relief to your lumbar region and lower back, while the heated neck cushion soothes sore muscles with penetrating heat. Scholl's® Massage Mat has 6 powerful motors, specially designed to provide soothing or stimulating massage. Scholls difference: Works while sitting or reclining, perfect for home, work, or in the car 6-motor massaging action in 3 independently controllable zones Cushioned for total comfort Handheld controller controls both the massage and heat action Includes straps for securing to chair Mat is 100% polyester, measures 69 x 20" Includes AC adapter.

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