It’s impossible to make it through an outing in any shoe if your feet are covered in blisters. Follow these simple tips and you will keep your feet happy and comfortable, even in the most uncomfortable looking shoes. Unique cushioning zones provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for 16 Hour™ comfort and support. Designed for sensitive heels, our clear massaging gel cushioning is ultra slim and discreet.

There is a large misconception that they are designed to protect the feet from undue pressure and shock. Our unique gel arch helps shift the pressure off the ball of your foot and guarantees all-day comfort.
It fits comfortably in all types of shoes, stays firmly in place and can be removed and placed without causing damage to your shoe.
The soft foam adheres to the inside of your shoe and cushions the area that causes discomfort.

Comes in an easy to use dispenser and can be customized to the desired length without the need for scissors.

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