There are several commercially available orthotic inserts on the market.  I mentioned the Dr.
I have been using over the counter orthotic insoles for 2 years and I have had no further problems with plantar fasciitis. Pressure plates are very useful for measuring the pressure patterns of the plantar surface of a foot over time, but are not able to quantify horizontal or shear components of three dimensional applied force.

A professionally made orthotic insert will compensate for excessive movements or other abnormal foot mechanics.
Scholls device, which I have tried.  The stand-on device uses technology to map your feet and then recommends the appropriate Dr. Not everyone needs an orthotic, but if you have low arches, or you are prone to plantar tendon injuries, there is a good chance you will benefit from a commercially available orthotic insole.

Our state-of-the-art pressure measurement system and Foot Mapping Technology quickly measures your foot and recommends the Dr.

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