By the time we have to walk to the train at night we can barley stand so now you can take off those platforms-slip on your fast flats and easily stroll on home in comfort. Even if you don't travel these comfy flats are great to slip on when your just lounging around the house. My friend saw these and we  got to talking about them and I got her laughing when I mentioned how convenient they are for making a fast getaway from those stalker-ish creeps who lurk around you at parties.

Scholl's Fast Flats For Her are foldable, rollable stylish ballet flats that you can carry with you wherever you go. It's funny to laugh about but now that I think about it some more it's really not that funny because there are a lot of creepo's out there so Fast Flats can definitely come in handy especially if your a city girl. I have to mention the construction of the bottom sole is sturdy enough to walk on the streets but probably not all day like normal flats but rather more practical for short durations.

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