Product DescriptionOur soft, gel cushions help absorb pressure and friction to relieve rubbing, pinching, cramping and between-toe corns. Book Description Protects against painful friction Cushions corns, calluses, and tender spotsKnown worldwide for its effective cushioning properties, Moleskin Plus Roll is soft, cotton flannel padding that protects feet from painful shoe friction. I don't think this product is as good as the Dr Scholl's products that are made for a specific problem (such as corn pads).
Product DescriptionSave time and reduce your corns, calluses and rough, dry skin during your shower. Product DescriptionPedi-Quick OneStep Corn Removers can safely remove corns in as few as two treatments. Product DescriptionProtect your feet from shoe pressure and friction while allowing corns to heal naturally. Just place this durable, emery-covered mat directly on your shower floor and gently move your feet against it to reveal softer skin. These all-in-one adhesive bandages are medicated with 40% salicylic acid - the doctor-recommended ingredient for corn removal.

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