Dr Scholls Technogel Anatomic Pillow is recommended for those with neck, back, or shoulder pain.
Now that looks like a nice pillow – I really need to invest in some good pillows I just brought some new ones but they have turned out to be a bit on the soft side.
Omg I would love one of these pillows, well we would need two or hubby and I would fight over it.
This pillow looks great I have had bad neck problems from a car accident I will have to check it out. We've been through three mattresses already and he's tried over a dozen pillows to help him get through the night, but has always been disappointed in the end.
Your recipe for a refreshing night of sleep starts with the Technogel Anatomic Pillow by Dr. My husband was very intrigued by the technology of the Technogel Anatomic Pillow but was understandably quite skeptical.
He equated the Technogel Anatomic Pillow to one that cradled his head and neck, offering plenty of support that felt custom made to his body. For my husband, this is a HUGE improvement and one that signifies just how amazing the Technogel Anatomic Pillow from Dr. I have major insomnia so having a therapeutic pillow would be a great way to try something holistic and natural.
Thanks to its slow memory return to the original shape, it is an extraordinary therapeutic pressure relieving material, that helps to reduces pain and discomfort. The Technogel Anatomic Pillow provides a cooling sensation which can alleviate headaches and keep you cool while you sleep. Ergonomic Support: The Technogel pillow range has been designed to grant an excellent ergonomic support, for a perfect support of the head and neck, keeping an optimum spine alignment.

Hygienically Safe: The Technogel pillow grants a superior level of hygiene, as nothing can penetrate through it's surface. Best Memory Foam Pillows - our memory foam pillows, whether the technogel series, or pillows by miForma feature the highest quality materials and designs made for a variety of sleepers.
TempurPedic Pillows - TempurPedic has been the leading specialty bedding retailer developing into a publically traded company over the last decade. The second zipped cover, included in the Technogel box, assures a perfect feeling for your new pillow and can be easily washed (following the care instructions included). Scholl's combine their efforts to make one of the most advanced and most comfortable pillows available today. Furthermore, all the Technogel Sleeping pillows offer an Enjoyable Cool Feeling, thanks to the Technogel’s good thermal conductivity that favors heat dispersion, helping to lower skin temperature.
Because it’s hypo-allergenic and hygienic, you can count on excellent performance from your Anatomic Pillow. It wasn't something I quite picked up on at first, until it came time to replace old pillows and I noticed not a single (of the 6 on my bed) one was the same shape or brand.
Bed pillows turned into body pillows, throw pillows, and (eventually) all over the house pillows. At this moment in time the value of the pillows on our Queen bed match half the cost of our brand new Memory Foam mattress.
The pillow that gives my back extra support when Aunt Flow is in town, the pillow that is so well worn (and lumpy) it's just the right kind of comfort (2 or 3 days out of each month), or the pillow my other half lovingly refers to as the 'Great Wall'. Thankfully (or unfortunately for the reasoning of my sanity), the need for all of these pillows, at night, has quickly diminished with the acquisition of the aforementioned new mattress.

Prior to this post I've been committed to a unique Natural Memory Foam based pillow that closely resembles the texture of our bed. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'vequite literally exiled my other half from the room, just to sleep on this pillow. I was greatly intrigued by the more slender design option, the Anatomic, for side and back sleepers. Not only did this unique, patented, material offer the form fitting support of modern memory foam, but the light cooling properties of my (second) favorite pillow. Only recently has this unique proprietary material been made available to the modern bedding consumer in the form of ultr-luxurious mattresses and pillows.
In any case, I recently received an Anatomic Technogel Pillow for feature here on Momma Told Me, and was not expecting what I received. I spend the majority of my time, sleeping, on my side, and the unique curvature of the pillow allows for a cradle that supports the spine and head. It is not 'stiff', making it exceptional for those who enjoy sleeping with their arm under the pillow. Beneath this case is a protective liner.The cooling blue 'gel' top layer is textures with a pillowtop print, and lightly visible in direct light through the appearance of a dark shadow beneath the liner.
Thanks to the top gel layer, and Technogel core, the pillow has a very subtle cooling sensation that mimics that oh-so-popular 'cool side of the pillow' effect.

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