Before we start our review please not that we also have an article which review the Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women. For the shoes that overweight people wear, not only have to be strong and durable enough to withstand all the weight, but have to be comfortable and safe to wear as well.
Special attention need to be made when designing shoes for obese people, the shoes must be wider then normal and their inner volume must be much bigger than shoes for skinny persons. Some shoes manufacturers pay attention for the stability of the foot inside the shoe, this is most important when an overweight person who try to lose weight need to walk few miles a day in order to keep metabolism up and burn some fat.
The fact that this shoe comes in different width sizes means that most overweight people will be able to find the right fit.
Its features like the ABZORB patented painted mid-foot cushioning and odorless treatment make it a daily wear, 9 to 5 kind of shoe.

The Asics Gel Cumulus 17 is a much recommended walking shoe for overweight men on account of the great cushioning. It is designed in a fashion that provides stability and support to the wearer and it is one of the best selling Asics walking shoes for men. Most overweight users rate these shoes quite high on all parameters: comfort, design and durability. Most buyers of the Propet Commuterlite Walking Shoe reported to go for a second and third repeat purchase. This shoe effectively takes care of the swollen feet that are usually the lot of overweight period, by providing two removable in-soles that can adjust to wider and bigger feet. This work shoe has a Flexible rubber outsole and the Massaging Gel insole that provides Dri-Lex lining giving you all-day freshness feel.

The shoes are designed well and looks really nice as well and a pair can cost you staring from just $50. This shoe can carry heavy people standing on their feet all day long by utilizing a grippy rubber sole that delivers a great grip and traction – it has an OSHA compliant slip resistant outsole. The Shape-Ups XT is a very wide width shoe and its one of the main reason it fits obese people. This Skechers shoe is very comfortable from the outset while still have a ridged stable feeling.

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