This is an “old school” remedy that has only gotten better with age, Vaseline or petroleum jelly and socks.  While creams are a great treat, a week wearing petroleum jelly and thick socks will make you feet unbelievably soft. Scholl's DRSP3757CN1 Rotating Foot Smoother gently removes rough skin, corns and callouses for smooth results.
Scholl's® For Her Intensive Heel Repair CreamClinically Provento repair dry, cracked heelsDr.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to the foot cream as well and feel the stress melt away. Give Bath and Body Works, True Blue Spa Super Rich Foot Cream a try on your next “spa” day.
Scholl’s Pumice Foot Scrub, to your shower routine to help reduce callous buildup and remove dirt and grime.

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