So facing tiredness and terribly cracked feet, I have always been looking out for really effective foot care creams especially for chronic and deep cracks, the kind you see in feet that are uncared for. Scholl cracked Heel Repair cream with K+ is clinically proven to repair rough, dry and cracked skin.
It has an immediate effect of soothing severely cracked feet by soaking into the cracked area and getting absorbed quickly while giving instant relief of discomfort and pain.

By one week, cracks have reverted almost back to normal and continued use ensures prompt healing of the skin. What with such an exhaustive schedule that most of us have been facing along with trying to keep up with our draining energy levels and the festive season, I have been finding it a tad hard to keep reviewing products though I have so much to review. Dr Scholl.Cracked Heels moisturizer Repair K Active is specially formulated to treat cracked heels.

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