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The appearance of warts is usually soft, white spongy lesions that will break into pinprick haemorrhages when traumatised.
The main difference between warts on the soles of the feet and warts in other locations of the body is the pressure associated with standing on the wart causes the wart to grow inwards instead of outwards.
Diagnosis of a wart is usually made on their physical appearance or if there is a substantial amount of callus tissue covering the wart this is debrided and then examined.

Other options such as freezing (cryotherapy), burning (electrocautery) or surgical removal (curretage) of the wart are also available. Some warts on the sole of the foot are covered by callus or hard skin which offers it increasing protection and a place to "settle in". Usually the treatment will consist of your podiatrist debriding any dead skin that may be covering the wart.

The type of treatment will depend greatly on the patient and the area of the body that the warts will affect.

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