Diabetic nerve pain is classified into different types mainly because the body consists of different nerve types with different functions.  Treatments highly depend on the kind of neuropathy you suffer. Peripheral neuropathy – This is the common diabetic nerve pain that distresses the nerves going to the extremities such as arms, hands, legs and feet.  The nerves going to these areas are long that damages to the nerves oftentimes happen.
Diabetic amyotrophy – This type is also called proximal neuropathy and causes muscle weakness.
Autonomic neuropathy – Autonomic nerves are responsible to maintain body function and keep the homeostasis of the body at its normal state.
The finest way to treat diabetic nerve pain is by keeping close monitor of the blood’s glucose level. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about diabetic neuropathy as it can be treated and prevented. Diabetic Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatment If you have diabetes, you know that one of the most difficult complications is diabetic neuropathy, which causes pain and numbness in the lower legs and feet.
Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®can help, by providing your feet with the comfort and support you need. It may not have been easy to make changes in your lifestyle to take care of your diabetes, but buying a pair of Z-CoiLs is a simple way to relieve the pain in your feet and legs and make activity enjoyable again. Make your life more enjoyable—and increase your health by increasing your activity level—by buying a pair of Z-CoiL® diabetic neuropathy footwear today. Although in most cases it is inherited, one has the chances of developing diabetes due to sedentary lifestyle.

Once these nerves are damaged, it results into foot problems like ulcers, foot deformities, infections and even amputations. Once they are damaged due to diabetes, problems arise in maintaining the body’s homeostasis. Generally, symptoms of diabetic nerve pain start out like occasional pains during the early stage, yet as the damage worsens, the symptoms also grow and become apparent.
To treat your diabetes, you have probably made changes in your lifestyle, with the help of your doctor’s advice. Oftentimes, it includes nerve pain, shooting pain to be specific, from the lower back going to the leg. Thus, never ignore mild symptoms as it strongly indicate nerve damage and take notice of any weakness, numbness, tingling or pain even if they seem minor.
Nonetheless, some factors may also result to diabetic neuropathy development, such as age, in which nerve damage and pain are seen mostly among older people who are suffering from diabetes for a long time.
Also, try to live a healthy lifestyle that involves eating nutritious foods especially those that helps in controlling blood glucose level; exercise, always take your diabetes medication and monitor your glucose level regularly. One thing he probably told you is to maintain an active lifestyle, but this is hard to do when you are suffering from pain caused by diabetic neuropathy. This is especially important because the numbness that results from diabetic neuropathy means you often don’t even feel it if you have cuts or other damage to your foot, which can cause you even more health problems.
And, the shock-absorbing coil under the heel protects the feet from the impact of walking, which can feel especially jarring when you have neuropathy.

This type of diabetic nerve pain greatly affects aged people suffering from diabetes and only resolves once treatment is initiated. Lifestyle is another factor wherein smoking and alcohol are proven to worsen diabetic neuropathy. In this way, you are slowing down the development of diabetic neuropathy and initiate proper treatment with your doctor’s advice. It is quite common for people suffering from diabetes for long periods of time and nerve pain develops any time. Once leg nerves are damaged, focal neuropathy causes leg pain in a specified leg location. Lastly, nerve injury, either because of mechanical injury or inflammation, is vulnerable to the development of diabetic neuropathy. Of course, you should take medication for your diabetes and regularly monitor your blood glucose level. Besides, diabetic nerve pain should never be ignored as it can affect other organ systems such as the heart and digestive system.

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