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He decided that he wanted to do what he could to prevent others from experiencing the same aches and pains just from living their daily lives, and AirFeet insoles were born. Designed to help increase circulation through the grooves and channels that cover the insole and provide constant massage to the base of the foot, the thin insoles provide cushioning with something they call Active Flow Media, a patented substance that flows back and forth with every step, providing support to the entire foot. AirFeet also help with a number of other pain issues such as back pain, joint paint and is exceptional for plantar fasciitis.

Trouble is, drugs don’t always work for everyone, and some may have undesirable side effects.
The pain can range from tingling and burning to stabbing pain that feels as though hundreds of needles are being forced into the soles of the feet, but the one thing that remains the same is that it’s uncomfortable for all who have it. Once I put the AF insoles in my shoes, within 10 minutes I could walk straighter, my numbness was gone, and my pain in my feet reduced!

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