Well-matched, correctly tailored orthotic insoles improve foot posture and support the correct functioning of your knees, hips and spine. The materials are then posted to you in order to create an accurate impression of your foot (impression kit, 2x carbon sheet and a box with a return lable to return your shoe's or insoles).
Dr Insole’s custom-made shoe insoles can give your feet additional support and eliminate pain, swelling and the feeling of tiredness.

Dr Insole’s custom orthotics reduce the strain and pressure on your feet, and as a result they decrease the tiredness and pain that you experience after a long day of being on your feet. If your work involves a lot of standing or walking, if you lead an active lifestyle, or if you feel that your feet need more support and cushioning, our specialists can make personalised shoe insoles to suit your needs and to bring back a spring into your step. Dr Insole’s specialists will prepare shoe orthotics that will be individually shaped for your feet.

The base of our comfort orthotic insoles is made with a blend of cork, which absorbs shock effectively, giving your feet support and protection.

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