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Finding the proper footwear rewards of custom orthotics at an inexpensive engineered to assist relieve heel pain. Shoes or boots is comfy you do not want.


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Comfort Wide Shoes thanks you, our San Diego customers and all our out of town customers for your continued support.
Prescription orthotics are the mainstay of conservative of treatment of the foot and ankle. Most orthotics are guarantted against breakage; however, over time they will begin to flatten out.
While orthotics can be made by several different processes, most physicians prefer to make a plaster cast impression of the patient's foot. Beware that custom function orthotic therapy consists of serveral things, if none of these are done it's not a true pathology specific orthotic therapy. Due to the new advances in the orthotic therapy and techniques it is now possible to have orthotics manufactured for women's pumps and flats.

Home About Us Location Orthotics Dr. Casual shoes and stable shoes that can fit orthotics- so you do not always have to wear athletic shoes. Our accurately prescribed and individually designed custom-made TRUE Orthotics decrease pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back by enhancing foot stability when matched with an equally good supporting pair of shoes. Many people benefit from having prescription orthotics from runners, joggers, diabetics, and children depending on the purpose of activity and deformity. The typical lifetime of a pair of orthotics is 5 years depending on the activity they are used for.
At University Foot and Ankle Specialists, Inc.,we strive to make our San Diego, National City and Coronado, CA office as efficient and convenient as possible.

This is a new age for getting rid of heel pain that has not responded to injections and orthotics and night splints. Since 1981 Comfort Wide Shoes has been catering to people like you who want comfortable, attractive, stylish shoes & boots or Custom Orthotics. Heel pain can be very frustrating  and sometimes you may spend hundreds of dollars on different devices such as orthotics and night splints. Using the physician's recommendations for corrections, the lab technicians form an orthotic that incorporates the necessary adjustments.

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