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Moulded exactly to your foot, your custom insole will cushion impact, stabilise and guide your foot while, evenly distributing pressure. The sole of the foot is the primary method of supporting and propelling the body, ensuring it is correctly supported is critical. Specialist insoles and especially Custom insoles also increase the contact between your foot and the insole and therefore more of the all important proprioceptors that provide balance related information to the nerves are being used – improving balance and co-ordination.
Whatever your sport, Profeet custom insoles are engineered to improve balance and co-ordination, protecting the joints from impact and excessive wear and tear. Use specific designs of Transflux (heat-mouldable, resin impregnated, glass-fiber) for their Customisable Chassis and further Transfluxreinforcement for the Stabiliser. Made by our in-house Podiatrist and external orthotics laboratories using traditional laboratory methods and using rigid materials such as carbon fibre.
The Podiatrist at the Clinic has a special interest in bespoke (custom-made) shoe inserts – these are top of the range orthotics specifically manufactured for the patient.
After arrival of the orthotics from the laboratory you will asked to attend the clinic for fitting.

For the first 2-3 weeks after receiving the orthotics you may experience a transient discomfort sometimes in the calf muscles or knees but this should never be unduly painful.
Bespoke orthotics are available to most patients who have problems with painful heels, ankles, feet, knees and legs, subject to an assessment by the podiatrist. The biomechanical examination and casting fee is ?85 and the orthotics are charged at ?300—included in the price are follow-up appointments and any adjustments. I visited Graeme who offered the help I needed by making me some customised orthotics which, I can say have changed my life. Since wearing my new orthotics I have no pain whatsoever, my posture is much better and the back pain gone! I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my orthotics that you had made specifically for my golf shoes.
No more problems, thanks to you and my orthotics.I would recommend them to anyone who plays sport with the emphasis on using their feet. These insoles are 100% custom made and a minimum of an initial and a follow up appointment with our podiatrist is required along with a 2-3 week lead time for manufacture.

Sometimes orthotics will form part of a management plan and injection therapy or referral to other therapists for massage and mobilisation may be recommended at additional cost. The Podiatrist uses a high quality laboratory in the UK which uses the most advanced software to make the orthotics from the prescription. This may seem expensive but bespoke orthotics are specialised medical devices custom-made to your exact requirements and will last many years under normal usage. There are occasions when an adjustment is required and the orthotics are sent back to the laboratory for which there is no extra charge. The cost of this is approximately ?75 although the orthotics will be returned as good as new.

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