Recommended – an orthotic engineered to relieve pain and discomfort associated with bunions and help control their progression.
Posting – an extrinsic forefoot post made of (55-60) durameter crepe which is adjusted to shift weight and pressure away from the bunion, 1st met head. Therapeutic Benefits – the orthotic shell provides semi-rigid arch support and control to reduce pronation.
Recommended if you are ordering an intrinsically posted orthotic and weigh more than 175 lbs.

Recommended for metatatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma to unload pressure and redistribute weight away from the painful area to a more tolerant area. This motion (when the arch collapses too much and the foot rotates too far inward) is believed to be a major culprit of bunions. PERSONS WITH THESE CONDITIONS SHOULD CONSULT A FOOT CARE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT CUSTOM ORTHOTICS DESIGNED TO ADDRESS THESE CONDITIONS. The forefoot post unloads pressure to the bunion area, helping relieve pain and discomfort.

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