An orthotic is an insert that fits inside a shoe and is designed to decrease abnormal foot motion, realign the foot, restore balance and eliminate or reduce foot pain. People risk worsening their symptoms because the orthotic addresses something unrelated to the cause of their problem. Over-the-counter orthotics can serve the needs of some people adequately, particularly when combined with a stretching and exercise program. The reason there is such a difference in price has to do with the customization and materials used when making the orthotics. To that end, orthotics incorporated a built-up arch and a slanted heel that tilted your foot outward. In it, he detailed a series of studies he carried out which illustrated that individual runners had differing responses to the same orthotic features.
At the same time, however, several studies were showing a beneficial effect of custom orthotics.
But the issue of comfort remains your best indicator of whether or not an orthotic is going to work for you. I had a pair of orthotics customer made in December, not to cure any injury, simply my Physio recommended if I wanted to up my mileage getting a good orthotic would prevent future future injury.
The problem with many custom orthotics is that they try to correct the pronation by increasing the arch pressure. As a person who has been making custom orthotics for over 25 years I can assure you that they need to be comfortable.

I have ordered a pair of custom arthotics due to getting pain in my hip and groin area in the past 6 months, also all my running shoes wear on the outside after only 120 miles, some of my insoles in my right shoe even have holes in them on the outside, Physichal therapist says my left leg is 10mm longer than my right and that i my left leg isnt straight, interestingly a lot of my problems in the past 12 months have been on my left side.
An orthotic should designed to offload the damaged structures or structures under excessive load. Orthotics generally come two ways, customized by an orthopaedist or podiatrist to fit your foot and meet your physical needs or, over-the counter, trim to fit. They come in multiple sizes, designed for men or women, walking or sports, and cost about $30.
The quality and durability of the materials, coupled with the custom molding process, contribute to the expense of custom orthotics. The answer may be a $40 orthotic from Walgreens, a custom orthotic, or some simple stretching.
This explains why changes in pronation, for example, are small and nonsystematic when comparing groups of runners using the same custom insert. Instead of giving each recruit a custom-molded orthotic as is typical of this type of study, Nigg and his colleagues provided all 206 recruits with six options, which varied in heel height and cushioning. If you have a foot or lower leg injury and decide to give an orthotic a shot, it should feel better, not worse, than running without an orthotic.
I thought of you when I read the part in the article about orthotics needing to be comfortable to work – I am glad you had the foresight not to run in them. A year ago I had a severe lisfranc injury involving breaks and dislocation of my midfoot, after getting my cast off I was fitted with orthotics with more support under my metatarsals.

An over-the-counter orthotic made of hard plastic polymer will provide more support than the typical soft shoe insole.
But if an orthotic (or shoe, for that matter) opposes this preferred path of motion, the body will attempt to overcome it by activating muscles more strongly. So I got my orthotics replaced and since wearing them again the last 2 years, I’ve had no major problems. I can’t run for more than a few miles with regular shoes, yet I can run 140mpw (yup, that number is right with my orthotics in. The other thing your body may do is avoid the arch altogether by riding on the outside (lateral) edge of the foot, this often is the cause of hip and or IT band pain after getting orthotics. Some brands even offer a semi-custom fit with an orthotic you can mold yourself after heating them in an oven before standing on them. At least you now know that orthotics aren’t the right approach for you and can avoid them (and any PT or doctor who insists on them) in the future. In other words, if you hold your orthotic against your arch as you raise your heel 45 degrees from the ground, unless your orthotic maintains full-contact, it’s useless. Unfortunately most folks confuse a truly custom foot orthotic with a pre-fabricated, made-in-advance, pointless shoe insert instead of one created from an accurate 3-D impression of the client foot that is calibrated to match their weight, foot flexibility, and activity level!

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