From the molds of your feet which you make with our Impression Kit, and the information you provide us, our doctors and certified orthotic technicians will design for you a pair of custom-made orthotics that will help relieve pain, give you unprecedented support, and allow you to enjoy hours of carefree walking. Your custom-made orthotics are then fitted seamlessly into the style and color Naot Sandal or Clog you have chosen.
As an added benefit, our custom-made orthotics can be easily moved from one pair of Naots to another; just slip them out and transfer them.

Since 1999 we have been making and seamlessly embedding custom-made orthotics into sandals and clogs. After being in confining shoes all day at work, what better way to enjoy your favorite activities than with a pair of our sandals that can relieve foot, leg, knee, and back pain.

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