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The Orthotic Technology Forum is the first event to focus on discussing new technologies and processes designed to assist Practitioners and Laboratories in prescribing and manufacturing Custom Orthotic Insoles. The University of Bath is pioneering research into advanced manufacturing technologies and their application in the custom orthotic insoles industry. You will see technologies already being used successfully by orthotics laboratories around the world alongside emerging technologies and research projects giving an insight into custom orthotic advances over the next few years.
There will also be an opportunity for delegates and speakers to network during the sessions and breaks to share experiences ,as well as giving you time to explore the Roman Spa Town of Bath with us.

Our guest speakers are leading the way in developing and using different types of technology, from hardware devices to help measure biomechanical features, pressure and anatomical form, CADCAM tools for plasterless manufacture, as well as new ideas for increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs. The Roman Spa town of Bath is a beautiful traditional English town which was the setting for many of Jane Austen’s famous novels with many attractions for you to visit during your stay. The event is educational and will expose attendees to new and emerging technologies including hands on experience with a tour of University of Bath’s machining facilities aswell as contribute towards your continued professional development. Once you have successfully registered for the event, you will be sent confirmation along with details of hotels that we have negotiated special rates with.

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