Plantar fasciitis symptoms include pain in the heel and arch, especially first thing in the morning; heel spurs, Achilles pain, and general discomfort. There is a trench right down the arch in these insoles designed to reduce stress on the arch, which allows it to heal over time.
If you've got a medical condition with your feet, call your doctor before getting orthotics. The Plantar Fasciitis custom orthotic insole is created to relieve arch and heel pain while reducing the chances of heel spurs.

I needed something that would still let me practice tennis despite having PF for these few weeks. I pronate just a tad on that foot and suffer Plantar Faciitis pain from time to time.I had ignored the break-in suggestion on the website. You can TRY to do this yourself with a dremel tool and a thick pair of over the counter insoles, but really you would end up paying about the same and probably mess it up bigtime. I researched a lot and found out that custom orthotics were the only way to stay active and to heal the disease.

So I started a break-in period of wearing them for one or two hours a day for a couple weeks. I believe its either buy a product like this or just not exercise for 6 months and get fat while you wait for this to go away.

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