Orthotics are inserts placed in the shoe to relieve strain on the joints of the foot, knee, hip and spine. Orthotics can decrease pain, alleviate pressure, and increase stability in an unstable joint.
Our polypropylene orthotics allow for optional heel posting, flexibility, top covers and a variety of other intrinsic adjustments. Our custom inserts are made from a plaster cast of your foot, and specifically designed to treat problems indentified during an evaluation by our licensed Physical Therapist, Heather Stacey, MS PT, ATC. The top layer provides added comfort, next layer provides custom cushioning for your foot pressure, and the bottom layer provides support for your arch type.

I feel like I have better balance with the inserts and can stand on my feet for much longer without the pain that I have been so use to.
In addition, orthotics are used to treat specific pathologies such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, heel spurs, and arthritis. You should discuss your current symptoms with your healthcare provider to determine if custom orthotics are recommended for you. What I noticed immediately was the size of the orthotic inserts, all the ones that I have seen have been much smaller.
I’ve tried other inserts but nothing has really helped, maybe they added more cushion to my shoes, but that is about it.

We don’t wear shoes in the house, after being on my feet all day without my orthotic inserts, I can really tell the difference.
Recently, I was at Walmart and noticed the impressive Dr Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Center Kiosk. Once I put on my sneakers with the Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts, I feel the support and comfort all day.

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