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Orthotics are commonly used by the running and non running population if an effort to reduce or prevent pain from the foot to the lower back. The difference between over the counter orthotics like Superfeet and custom orthotics are numerous. Our team of running specialists can tell you if you are an orthotic candidate and if so steer you the right way and possibly saving you lots of wasted time and cash. Custom orthotics are a treatment method for common running injuries like foot pain and knee pain. Custom orthotic prices vary depending on the place you purchase them and the knowledge, experience and expertise of the person making them.
San Diego Custom Orthotics decrease excessive pronation and excessive shearing forces at the knee, hip and lower back. San Diego Custom Orthotics provide shock absorption during walking, running and other athletic activities. By changing the way your foot interacts with the ground San Diego Custom Orthotics change the way the forces affect your knee decreasing knee pain and making running enjoyable again.
Read on for more detailed information to frequently asked questions about custom orthotics and San Diego Custom Orthotics.
An over the counter orthotic differs from a custom as they are prefabricated on an assembly line with the left and right being identical. If you consistently develop pain as you increase your miles then you are probably a San Diego Custom Orthotic candidate. In a study done by Blake and Denton (1985) runners treated for plantar fasciitis, shin splints, chondromalacia (runners knee), medial quadriceps strain and patellar tendonitis with custom orthotics reported, 83% felt they were worth the expense, half obtained 90% relief and 75% felt the orthotics improved their running. My podiatrist watched me walk across his office, told me I pronate and need $600 orthotics.
At San Diego Running Institute I either heat mold the plastic to your foot while you are here or use an injectable mold and mold it to your foot during your appointment.
There are many doctors, therapists and even running stores out there that take advantage of the public perception that a molded insole is a custom insole.
At our San Diego Orthotic Lab the molds are taken by the doctor, not kids or other inexperienced, non-qualified personnel. In my opinion San Diego Running Institute Orthotics are actually inexpensive – I should probably raise the price! At our on-site San Diego orthotic lab I personally mold your foot during your appointment using the best custom orthotic molding process available.
Then on your return visit not only do I personally fit your orthotics but I will perform a computerized gait analysis to ensure the orthotics are performing for you as well as to ensure they are also comfortable. If you have a pressure point of hot spot from the orthotic it simply means it is too aggressive in that area and needs to be adjusted. Your other option would be to schedule a paid appointment and have your orthotics modified while you wait so you are not without them at all. Home About Us Location Orthotics Dr. Our expert shoe fitters (pedorthotists) will find the perfect shoe for you from our wide range of shoes and sandals, in sizes and shapes to fit almost any foot.

Only The Active Foot Store combines a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, an on-site pedorthist and highly trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment to provide custom-made orthotic inserts and custom-fitted shoes.
Casual shoes and stable shoes that can fit orthotics- so you do not always have to wear athletic shoes.
We carry shoes and accessories made in the USA, like SAS and New Balance along with many other quality brands offering the highest degree of comfort, style and durability. Comfort Wide Shoes thanks you, our San Diego customers and all our out of town customers for your continued support.
Our accurately prescribed and individually designed custom-made TRUE Orthotics decrease pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back by enhancing foot stability when matched with an equally good supporting pair of shoes. Superfeet insoles are not made specifically for the runner or the condition they are trying to remedy.
If you have a specific running injury or condition that you know requires over the counter or custom orthotics our running specialists can provide you with more information on your condition and can refer you to Dr. Custom orthotics are generally made to correct muscle imbalances and over-pronation during walking and running, prevent knee pain in running and jumping sports, and to correct leg length differences. Runco does not use an outside orthotic lab but instead takes the mold during your visit and then actually makes and customizes them himself for you. It is not unusual for an injured runner to show me an expensive pair of custom orthotics they purchased that are not effective at alleviating their running injury. Not all orthotics are the same and there is a wide range of materials that can be used to re-work your orthotic. The molds are customized by the doctor in our laboratory and then the new custom orthotics are fitted into your shoes, again, by the doctor. I then customize the insole based on your weight, miles run, arch height, pronation and biomechanics so that it is both comfortable and effective.
If any minor adjustments need to be made to the orthotic I do it right then, during you office visit.
The entire collar of the shoe is made of expandable elastic foam fabrics, designed to conform to the shape of the ankle and significantly reduce archilles pressure.The leather counter will flex for more flexibility and support.
Millions of pairs have been sold to consumers seeking the quality and support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price. Orthotics can be purchased over the counter at the San Diego Running Institute or an appointment can be made with Dr.
Custom insoles can be used to correct abnormal alignment of your foot which can have a negative effect on the rest of your lower extremity. Very few people are perfectly symmetrical and therefore it is common for an over the counter orthotic to not work effectively. If you plan on continuing in a sport and thus continuing to perform that same repetitive motion than you must have an orthotic to help decrease the abnormal motion and forces acting on your joints.
In the case of most custom orthotics a plaster mold is taken of your foot, you step in foam leaving an imprint of your foot or you stand on a digital pad leaving an electronic imprint.
The process of making an orthotic more effective is done by customizing your existing orthotic mold. Simply let me know via email what the problem is, take a picture of your foot and mark the spot on the orthotic you believe to be the problem spot.

Since 1981 Comfort Wide Shoes has been catering to people like you who want comfortable, attractive, stylish shoes & boots or Custom Orthotics.
Custom orthotics are custom made specifically for your feet and additional modifications are then made to them to correct your foots function. San Diego Custom Orthotics are effective in returning runners to previous levels of activity. These are then sent to a lab where the lab technician decides how they will mold your orthotic so that you walk or run better and without pain.
We can save you a lot of time and money because of our ability to modify and customize the insoles you already purchased. There are various types of custom orthotic accommodations that are intended to relieve pressure on a specific type of injury or promote normal biomechanics.
In the past, when I used a lab it would often take 2 weeks to receive the orthotic and all too often there would be comfort issues with the insole. A true custom insole will not only utilize the molds of your feet but the molds will be customized to offset any abnormal mechanics of your foot and ankle such as over-pronation. The lab will convert your mold into an orthotic shell and then send it back to the foot doctor roughly 2 entire weeks later. What makes an orthotic custom is how you modify the molded insole to correct the runners abnormal biomechanics. Before you start spending all kinds of time, effort and money on potentially useless over the counter or custom orthotics stop by the San Diego Running Institute. He has been a professor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics at various colleges and continues to teach continuing education in the fields of rehabilitation, custom orthotics and athletic taping. This typically indicates that a San Diego Custom Orthotic will dramatically alleviate pain and symptoms condition. San Diego Custom Orthotics work synergistically with your running shoe to dissipate impact forces and prevent injury to the runner.
A true custom orthotic is molded to your foot so that it hits you in all the right spots resulting in symmetrical support. At your appointment I will go over all of your options and explain how I can make your existing orthotic work better and be more comfortable. Customizing the mold and offsetting excessive pressure or abnormal mechanics is what makes an insole custom. Now if the mold was customized to push the ankle back into alignment and support it there by adding custom pieces to it then it would be custom. San Diego Custom Orthotics typically last 2 years or slightly longer depending on the amount of use and the environment you are using them in. I can take your orthotic and within days have the arch lowered or made more flexible so that when you run, walk or stand on them there is no discomfort. I love seeing the look of pleasure and amazement when someone returns for their custom orthotic fitting and instantly knows their orthotic is now comfortable.

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