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Prescription orthotics - better than orthotic shoes for the relief of pain in foot, corn and calluses and other foot pain. But while there are a few brands of commercially available orthotic shoes, these are not custom-made to suit your feet and your gait.
Prescription orthotics, which are custom-made orthotic insoles, are thus a better solution. TOG offers a wide range of prescription orthotics, including orthotic insoles for general use, children, diabetic foot, extra comfort and dress shoes.

If you are currently wearing commercially available orthotic shoes and find that they do not offer effective foot pain relief, it is time you switch to prescription orthotic insoles. Computerized Gait analysis from The Orthotic Group (TOG) for custom-made prescription orthotic insoles. At NAILTECH & CHIROPODY CENTRE, we are pleased to offer prescription custom-made orthotics produced with THE ORTHOTIC GROUP (TOG) GAITSCAN™ – a computerized system of gait analysis that precisely measures the pressure exerted on different points of your feet. DescriptionFeaturesDrew Jada shoes, made from a comfortable stretch fabric material, offer the comfort of a slipper with the support of a Drew orthopedic shoe.

Drew Jada women’s therapeutic shoes feature a sleek, single strap Velcro® brand closure, a firm heel counter, steel shank and the added depth of removable insoles replaceable with custom, prescribed orthotics. Experience the all day comfort of Drew Jada shoes without anyone knowing you are wearing a therapeutic shoe!

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