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Podiapro’s Multi sport insoles are suitable for general sports like basketball, baseball, hockey. But most of that stuff is of unimportance, but what is of importance is the running shoe fitting. In the past, I always picked my shoes not by how they were designed or how great the reviews were but by how the shoes looked, the colors and how they looked on my legs (I have unusually small ankles!). Doing it right for running shoes equates to visiting a high end local running store, having them do some fancy test and measurements for the “shoe specialists” to determine what sort of shoe is best for you. There are so many choices right now like minimalistic, high support, little support, middle support, uggg, I felt overwhelmed and was excited to be like Goldie Locks looking for just the right fit. We chatted about what my goals were, how many miles I run a week, how long I wanted the shoe to last. I have been the same size for over 10 years now so I was pretty happy when she recommended that particular size.

This wasn’t as important in picking out actual shoes as it was in showing how having custom made insoles would help. I was almost sold, but they were expensive and it wasn’t an investment I was willing to make at that time (we’re talking $100 on top of new shoes). I tried on 4 different shoes, to see which ones felt the best, looked the best, and made me feel like a rockstar on the roads!
I like the fact that with the shoes I liked, my show specialist would recommend a quick run outside to get a feel. I love them, they might not be as pretty as I would like but at least I know I am getting a good quality shoe for what I need. Even though they weren’t open we did see the menu, can’t wait to come back for brunch one morning! My last pair of shoes gave me some knee and hip issues which I am hoping will be solved as well.

These insoles are custom moulded to provide shock absorption, cushioning, stability in general, to be worn in large sport shoes. It was a packed day: grocery shopping, baking, meetings, shoe fittings, snack stops and happy hour!
I went to the Nike store and was fitted by them, however I think I should have gone to a running store and go through a similar fitting process you did. Like all our sports insoles, these highly reduce the chances of injuries by stabilizing your feet.

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