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The 3M Insulated Ultra by SOLE Custom Footbeds are a great insole for people who need extra support and insulated warmth.
SOLE INSULATED ULTRA SOFTEC heat-moldable custom footbeds are guaranteed to improve foot comfort because they take on the shape of your foot.

Since the Ultra by SOLE Custom Footbeds do not use any plastic to support the arch you will not feel a drop off point where the plastic ends. The SOLE Custom Footbed Ultra is the thickest and beefiest of the Sole line of footbeds and designed to fit in shoes that have thick removable insoles such as hiking, ski and snowboard boots, outdoor shoes and many athletic shoes. STEP 3 - Step into the footwear and stand straight with feet shoulder width apart for 2 minutes Heat moldable, custom fit and genuine comfort and support all day long.

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