Footwear manufacturers design functional shoes to suit a vast array of foot types, yet ensuring the right basic type of shoe is worn is only half the solution.
Moulded exactly to your foot, your custom insole will cushion impact, stabilise and guide your foot while, evenly distributing pressure.
The sole of the foot is the primary method of supporting and propelling the body, ensuring it is correctly supported is critical. Specialist insoles and especially Custom insoles also increase the contact between your foot and the insole and therefore more of the all important proprioceptors that provide balance related information to the nerves are being used – improving balance and co-ordination. The foot's movement when running is very different to the foot's movement when striking a tennis ball and hence a running shoe differs from a tennis shoe. Sport specific insoles use specific shapes and materials to work with the foot during the relevant sport and the sport related movements. Whatever your sport, Profeet custom insoles are engineered to improve balance and co-ordination, protecting the joints from impact and excessive wear and tear. Profeet Comfort Insole Pre formed and come in 3 arch heights and just need trimming to fit the shoe.
Use specific designs of Transflux (heat-mouldable, resin impregnated, glass-fiber) for their Customisable Chassis and further Transfluxreinforcement for the Stabiliser. Whether or not you were born with flat feet, it is advisable for everyone to wear shoes with insoles for flat feet.

Having flat feet is usually not painful, although when a person who has flat feet stands for long periods of time or overuse their feet, they may easily tire or experience some aching.
Insoles for flat feet are helpful and provide many benefits for men, women and children alike.
Many insoles for flat feet are available in shoe stores and online shoe shops, like Superfeet, Footminders and Footsmart. With so many muscles, bones, joints and ligaments making up the foot, plus the different shapes and sizes and different patterns of movement, no standard off-the-shelf shoe can possibly be right for all feet.
They use different materials to both support and work with the foot, they are sport specific and are suitable for light use, temporary use or for anyone who is injury free.
Shock Absorption and Forefoot Propulsion materials and a comfortable top surface are then added. These insoles are 100% custom made and a minimum of an initial and a follow up appointment with our podiatrist is required along with a 2-3 week lead time for manufacture.
I have a PhD in Prosthetics and Orthotics and I have been working as a physician in Chicago for forty years. Flat feet are common in newborns, but as they grow older, the tendons holding the joints of the foot together supposedly form an arch.
There is a solution to keep your feet comfortable especially when there are circumstances that require you to stay on your feet for a long time.

Replacing the manufacturers insole gives 360 degrees of fit around the feet inside the footwear. People suffering from joint pain are recommended to wear insoles for flat feet to minimize the pain. The resulting insoles are light, flexible where they need to be, and are moulded to the unique contours of your feet using a patented vacuum moulding process. Also some people, later in life, may acquire an injury or disease that could harm to these tendons that cause them to have a flat foot.
When shopping for shoes, you can find a pair that already has insoles for flat feet or shoes that have room for detachable inserts.
Before buying, you can check out customer reviews for different brands to help you decide which insoles for flat feet are best suited for you. Go and buy insoles for flat feet today to be able to walk with better balance, support and comfort.

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