Moulded exactly to your foot, your custom insole will cushion impact, stabilise and guide your foot while, evenly distributing pressure. Specialist insoles and especially Custom insoles also increase the contact between your foot and the insole and therefore more of the all important proprioceptors that provide balance related information to the nerves are being used – improving balance and co-ordination. Whatever your sport, Profeet custom insoles are engineered to improve balance and co-ordination, protecting the joints from impact and excessive wear and tear.
Profeet Comfort Insole Pre formed and come in 3 arch heights and just need trimming to fit the shoe. Use specific designs of Transflux (heat-mouldable, resin impregnated, glass-fiber) for their Customisable Chassis and further Transfluxreinforcement for the Stabiliser. Made by our in-house Podiatrist and external orthotics laboratories using traditional laboratory methods and using rigid materials such as carbon fibre.
By aligning your feet correctly, prescription orthotics reduce the stress on the body caused by running, walking or even just standing for long periods of time. If you suffer from bunions, hammer toes, arch pain, heel pain or regular localised foot pain then get in touch and we can give you advice on how orthotics could be helping you, too.

At Physio4Life every orthotic we prescribe is uniquely shaped to follow the contours of your feet so that our footwear works in harmony with your body. Our high quality custom orthotics are built using CAD-CAM technology for accuracy and repeatability, and are available in low, medium or high density EVA and polypropylene. Accommodative and cushioning orthotics: proven pressure relief to protect and support the foot. This sports enhancing orthotic has been specially designed for narrow cut ski boots or skates. We would like to wish all our Customers a very Happy Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year! These insoles are 100% custom made and a minimum of an initial and a follow up appointment with our podiatrist is required along with a 2-3 week lead time for manufacture.
Orthotics can reduce stress on the body, protect against injuries and even improve performance by correcting the alignment of your feet. All of our custom built insoles are manufactured from memory flex plastic by TOG – the world leader in orthotic foot insoles.

Replacing the manufacturers insole gives 360 degrees of fit around the feet inside the footwear.
Shop-bought insoles aren’t shaped to fit your individual feet and this can actually make gait problem worse and leave you prone to injury. TOG orthotics maintain their shape and improve your gait, whether you exercise once a month or once a day.
Book an appointment with the biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic at Physio4Life and we can fit you for custom built insoles called orthotics to take the pain out of your exercise routine and allow you to push yourself harder than ever. Orthotics can even make the transfer of energy through your feet more efficiently when running or cycling, helping you to optimise your performance. While sports shops now regularly offer gait analysis in helping customers choose running shoe or cross trainer, they are not able to offer the accuracy of testing or the personalised prescription you need to ensure the perfect fit.

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