The Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic insert offers the perfect blend of foot control, flexibility and cushioning. Poron Performance Urethane insoles offer exceptional energy absorption, dimensional stability and breathability while containing antibacterial ingredients. This entry was posted in Brands, Color, New Balance, Running Shoes, Shoes, Sneakers, Women and tagged New Balance, New Balance shoes, shoes, women shoes. Forefoot Cushioning — Extra forefoot cushioning helps comfort and relieve pain under the ball of foot.
Air Injected Spenco Material — Exclusive cushioning layer absorbs shock and impact to provide maximum comfort.
Remove existing insole (some brands of shoes glue the insole to the shoe, but careful removal will not damage the shoe).

For example, the PORON Slow Rebound Very Soft Material would be an excellent choice for custom contouring insoles that are designed to distribute pressure over the surface of the foam, providing comfort to the wearer during low strain activities such as walking. On the other hand, the PORON Performance Material would be a better option for insoles designed to absorb larger amounts of shock, such as running shoes.  Since the Performance material is more compressible, it would have a greater ability to withstand larger amounts of pressure without bottoming out and provide comfort and shock absorbency with each stride.
Podiapro’s Multi sport insoles are suitable for general sports like basketball, baseball, hockey. These two factors are important when selecting cushioning materials for new product designs.
These insoles are custom moulded to provide shock absorption, cushioning, stability in general, to be worn in large sport shoes. Our cricket insoles are designed and then custom moulded to absorb this shock, stabilize the heel and prevent injuries.

Like all our sports insoles, these highly reduce the chances of injuries by stabilizing your feet. They absolutely need to protect their feet with the right amount of cushioning and shock absorption.

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