When the plantar wart starts changing color to white and begins moving out it indicates that the wart will fall off. Visit a podiatrist if you are unable to treat the plantar wart at home and if it starts bleeding. Take care not to touch the area surrounding the wart as this can cause the infection to spread further.
Wash your foot with salicylic acid solution for three to four days after the plantar wart goes away.

At the end of two weeks the wart will start coming out of the skin and ultimately fall off. It is important to continue with the treatment for a week after the wart disappears.
Don’t rub in the peel on the wart. Place the salicylic acid soaked cotton ball on the wart. If you plan on walking around then wrap your foot with a bandage or a duct tape to secure the cotton ball safely on the wart. The inside of the peel is rich in potassium which is known to fasten the healing of skin problems like plantar warts, corns and calluses.

In order to keep the wart from recurring it is important to finish it off completely from the root. The virus from the wart is transferred to the towel and can affect the person who uses it next.

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