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Providing fast and effective relief from painful cracking and flaking of skin, Camillen 60 Fissure Cream treats and protects abraded and abused skin, accomplishing deep skin repair quickly with regular use. How to use:Apply the rich Camillen 60 - Fissure Treatment Cream to areas of the feet that are cracked and stressed, and massage in. MACROVITA Cracked Skin Cream OLIVELIA olive oil & almond oil 100mlOLIVELIA CRACKED SKIN CREAM: extremely moisturizes and softens the skin on hands, feet and other body parts with cracked or dehydrated skin.
Excellent, natural care for chapped and cracked heels and hands100 mlExtremely moisturizes and softens the skin on hands, feet and other body parts with cracked or dehydrated skin. Chamomile oil reduces the swelling of inflamed skin while allantoin and panthenol strengthen and heal.

Do not worry if the cream is rubbed into healthy skin; it will simply improve even soft and smooth skin.
Reducing inflammation and other irritation, these products also care for, protect and regenerate healthy skin tissue. Glycerin and urea moisturize and soften the skin as it recovers, all in a thick and soothing protective cream base. Suitable for areas with eczema or psoriasis.The content of urea perfectly softens and accelerates exfoliation of keratinized epidermis and leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch.
Cottonseed oil is responsible for the optimum softening and moisturizing, regenerates irritated and dry skin, restores its elasticity.

Glycerine creates a protective coat retaining moisture in the skin and perfectly moisturizes the skin.
Plant waxes (castor oil, carnauba wax) optimally nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin.
Wealth organic aloe vera and bio-olive oil results in an amazing effect of visible skin hydration.

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