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The cause of excessive stress on the sole of the foot is not always obvious and cannot be eliminated instantly (unless you are able to walk on your hands!). Consequently weight bearing corns often provide a greater challenge in preventing their recurrence and hence generally are more persistent than corns elsewhere.
However the majority of weight bearing corns do respond well to regular conservative treatment combined with attempts to reduce pressure e.g. Many people have nails which are very curved and they either press into the surrounding skin or actually pierce the surrounding skin to cause an in-growing nail. Fungal (or Mycotic) nails not only affect the appearance of your nails, they can also be the source of fungal infection elsewhere on the foot.
Calluses: Calluses can develop on hands, feet, or anywhere there is repeated friction -- even on a violinist's chin. These corns are often described as feeling like having a stone in your shoe and have the potential to cause significant discomfort. It could be that you have a back problem and can’t get down to them, reduced eyesight so you can’t see as clearly what you are doing or simply are not happy doing this task for yourself.

Here at Footfriend we can provide ongoing treatment for these situations or we can perform nail surgery to permanently solve these painful problems. They can form anywhere on the foot that receives too much friction or pressure from bone, footwear or the ground – typically on the balls of the feet, toes and around heels. Hard corns are small hard lumps often on the tops or tips of toes and under the balls of the feet. We can help you eradicate this difficult problem and return your feet to a healthier state. Many people choose to have them treated as they understandably would rather be clear of the infection. The common callus usually occurs when there's been a lot of rubbing against the hands or feet. They are caused for a similar reason to callouses – usually at a site of too much pressure. We have an excellent record of treating verrucae returning the skin in infected areas to normal.

A seed corn is a tiny, discrete callous that can be very tender if it's on a weight-bearing part of the foot. This will immediately leave your feet feeling comfortable and pain free and looking better.
The treatment consists of an initial assessment and first treatment followed by a series of shorter treatment only appointments.
Seed corns tend to occur on the bottom of the feet, and some doctors believe this condition is caused by plugged sweat ducts.
Most importantly through our advice you may be able prevent future corns and the pain associated with them.

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