When corns become severe, corn removal surgery is necessary so as to get rid of them for good. Though it may seem a bit extreme, corn surgery is most efficient of all methods in giving a permanent solution and relief from pain caused by corns. Corn surgery shaves down part of the bone causing pressure thus leading to formation of corns.
In some cases, damage arising from soft corns is so severe that fixing the bone problem is not sufficient to heal the affected area. At times, foot corn removal surgery will require a forefoot reconstruction to be carried out.
Toe corn removal surgery involves correcting toe deformities as well as removing soft corn tissues. The time an operation to get rid of corns or realign toes takes varies depending on the complexity of surgery and the size or number of toes that need correction. There rarely are corn removal surgery before and after complications.  The main problem normally experienced is swelling.
When one decides they want to have a corn removal surgery, the major thing to consider is cost.

Complexity of the surgery: While some patients only require a simple surgery to remove the corn tissue, corn removal surgery may be as complex as warranting a foot reconstruction. Learn about the corn removal surgery procedure, what to expect during corn removal surgery before and after durations as well as what determines corn removal surgery costs. It is effective in getting rid of the friction, pressure and any other uncomfortable sensations. Realignment surgery is not necessary in this one and healing is first and takes between 10-14 days. This procedure involves the stretching of tendons to allow for the toes to attain a normal posture in case they were abnormally elevated and thus contributing to formation of corns. Activity levels should be minimal and confined to washroom duties in the first week after treatment. To avoid this, one should wear a post-operative shoe after the surgery until it is comfortable to wear normal shoes.
Corn removal surgery cost will differ from one doctor to another as well as from one patient to another. The nature of removal surgery conducted is determined by the severity of the condition and the degree of structural misalignment.

To allow exposure of the head of the proximal phalanx bone, ligaments in the toe are freed.  This is then cut and taken away. Where corn removal surgery before and after bone removal is insufficient, there is a probability of a reoccurrence of the corns. There are a number of factors that determine how much is corn removal surgery on each individual.
It would be important to consult on the same before deciding on which institution to have the surgery done. This is mostly caused by pressure being exerted on the area of the corn by something else which cannot be treated by normal corn treatments.
The same will also happen if inappropriate foot wear is worn before and after the procedure. Where the surgery was complex, it is possible for wires to be placed in the toes for a number of weeks.

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