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In the picture, two large, painful corns are visible – one on the ball of the foot underneath the third toe and one on the tip of the fourth toe. Avoid over-the-counter medicated corn and callus pads since the acid in these pads can irritate healthy skin around the affected area.  A u-shaped, unmedicated pad is fine for corns since it avoids putting direct pressure on the area. Toe Corn, as the name suggests, refers to a specific-shaped callus of dead skin occurring on thin skin surfaces like on the dorsal toe surface, and fingers.

In case there is continuous tissue stimulation emitting the corns even after the corn is removed through surgery, the skin continues to grow as a corn. Reducing rubbing motion as well as the pressure can prevent from torn corns to form, by way of taking certain precautions, such as wearing well-fitted shoes, or using protective pads or skin dressings.

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