When presented with a blank paper with no specks but a dot, most of us would zoom right into the dot: even if it was at the corner of the paper. Your work: You deal with many customers and many of them are nice people, but every once in a while you have jerks who mess things up and make life difficult for you. Your life: You have a great life going ahead of you and great things to celebrate every day, but you harp on the bad stuff and regularly complain about little things that go wrong.
I have great skin, save for one huge pimple on my chin now (probably due to the rojak from Sunday’s supper). Recognize the white (the good things) that’s around the black dot (whatever problem you are facing).
This person most likely has experience pressure from footwear that has created the corns in these specific areas on the foot. The cause of excessive stress on the sole of the foot is not always obvious and cannot be eliminated instantly (unless you are able to walk on your hands!). Consequently weight bearing corns often provide a greater challenge in preventing their recurrence and hence generally are more persistent than corns elsewhere. However the majority of weight bearing corns do respond well to regular conservative treatment combined with attempts to reduce pressure e.g.

After all, there is so much to celebrate in life every day to focus on tiny problems like that! I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world. This individual also has signs of athletes foot, a foot fungal that is common in sports athletes (as seen between the 3rd and 4th toe).
Again, similar to the other pictures of corns, corns are created from pressure, and in the case of this individual, it is likely no different.
These corns are often described as feeling like having a stone in your shoe and have the potential to cause significant discomfort.
Or rather than focus on the plethora of benefits of something, one can be hung up by one to two issues that don’t even have a significance in the long term. For example, the pads of the hands will develop calluses when working out with weights if they are not protected. This could indicate unhygienic feet which could be contributing to a number of foot problems for this person. It is true that anomalies like bunions and hammertoes in feet can encourage feet to develop corns and calluses.

It is however possible that a plantar wart developed under the sole of the foot, and after time the friction and irritation over the wart created a callus over top of the wart. If these calluses are not created the skin could tear or be vulnerable to the constant pressure on the region – it is a normal and natural way for the skin to protect itself.
This is due to additional pressure being created between toes, within shoes, or even against the ground. Warts are best treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen, although a callus over top will protect the wart from the freezing, and similar methods for removing corns can be used to remove calluses over warts before the wart can be frozen.
In the foot, in particular the toes, in areas of high pressure the skin will thicken up to protect itself.
Corns and calluses created because of foot abnormalities can be treated and removed, although the corns will likely return until the source of the problem has been addressed. The skin thickens further eventually becoming painful and then gets treated as something foreign to the body.

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