It also is slightly longer which helps if your heel to toe measurement is bigger than your heel to ball measurement. I agree with this post…I have been wearing Keyanos for 10 years, but with the 15’s, all of a sudden I started to lose one of my big toe nails ! Toebox Depth and Length – The 15 has a deeper toebox than the 14 which helps for those whose 5th (baby) toes were getting crowded or develop a corn when wearing the 14 which was the biggest problem I found when people switched from the 13 to the 14.

The lacing crowds the toe area, and the new plastic webbing which pulls across the big toe rubs and leaves a mark. In fact this lacing tends to pucker the toebox area for a worse fit, creating an elf-shoe-like appearance with no benefit whatsoever, except maybe irritation at the base of the toes.

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