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Diabetic foot problem may arise, if you wear improper shoes, tight shoes and poorly fitting shoes. Redness, blister formation, persistent pain in the foot, increased pain while walking, swelling, hard dry skin, getting calluses and corns and drainage of pus are some of the symptoms. Doing an ECG shows us which type of extra beats or abnormal rhythms exist in a diseased heart. In the peripheral vascular disease, the blood flow is affected causing block in circulation which in turn may give rise to ulcers or gangrene. Poor blood circulation is also another reason for getting foot problems due to hardening of arteries.

We’ll discuss with you what we do to ensure early diagnosis of any of these senior diseases. Now Timmy faces a series of ongoing tests designed to measure improvements in his canine condition, which is similar to Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of human senility. This is especially the case in cats where treatment is actually more likely to kill the cat than doing nothing. People who are diabetic are prone to get blisters on the feet and corn (hard skin) because of the pressure of shoes on the toes.
In fact, one dog had to be treated twice over 5 years after the owners forgot to stay on monthly prevention after the first treatment.

Foot ulcers are quite common in diabetic patients since any wound becomes difficult to heal causing infection. I attribute the lower level of white blood cell activity to the fact that I was more sedentary these past two months then normally due to a foot problem that kept me off it.

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