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Corn and bunion surgery,how to remove corns from toes without surgery,ingrown toenail infection treatment - How to DIY

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When finding a surgeon to do your bunion procedure, it is important to be comfortable with that physician. The doctor should be able to take the time and answer any of your questions about minimally invasive bunion surgery. After doing hundreds of bunion surgeries I can guide you on how to avoid the most common complications.
We have helped patients from all over the country to relieve bunion pain with a minimally invasive bunion surgery in orange county .

Most patients can anticipate returning to tennis shoes, sneakers in 3-4 weeks after minimally invasive bunion surgery. There are some severe bunion deformities that require you to stay off your feet and use crutches for about 2 weeks.
Studies have shown that using a scalpel for incision and cutting of skin is more beneficial than laser. Minimally invasive bunion surgery  is a good option for patients with minor to moderate bunion conditions.

Contact us if you have any questions, or to make an appointment, and we look forward to helping you.
Gennady Kolodenker, DPM, AACFAS and staff want to make sure your treatment is comfortable and pleasant.

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