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Chronic heel pain is a difficult problem to resolve; QCSM offers the most up-to-date heel pain treatment that decreases pain over a short period of time. Cortisone injections commonly provide short-term pain relief and after they wear off, the pain returns and it is necessary to look for other alternatives.
Simply, the single biggest advance in the treatment of plantar fasciitis or fasciopathy in the last 20 years is radial extracorporeal shock-wave therapy when measured by persistent pain relief . For persistent sustained pain relief, validated by international research and accepted by the FDA in America, extracorporeal radial shockwave therapy is offered to all patients.

However in certain circumstances, short term pain relief is an appropriate treatment for some people especially when combined with other therapies. It is a severe constant chronic heel pain that is difficult to treat in general medical communities. This offers the best chance of providing sustained, persistent pain relief in plantar fasciitis for all patients of all types. Patients can and do return to exercise without pain following treatment for their plantar fasciitis at CSM.

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