When I used the product the first day, it was so runny that it dripped on unaffected areas around the wart and gave me a tiny (but painful) chemical burn. The active ingredient is a strong acid, so it's best to give the product time after opening (maybe two days) before using, because it is much easier to use when it is more like a gel than like a liquid. Apply before you go to bed and sand off in the morning using an emery board for particularly small warts or a pumice stone for larger warts.

For this reason in particular, it is best to go to a dermatologist or try the freeze off remover for larger warts, because personally I wouldn't want to sand away at a huge wart for two weeks. You are also not supposed to walk around with the white blob on your skin; sand off before you start your day and reapply to remove whatever is remaining the following evening after you get home from work, school, etc.

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