Feel the difference with these premium silicone gel high heel plantar fasciitis arch supports. You may not see them the entire day under your dress, but shoes are the one item that can make or break how much fun a bride has on her wedding day.
I’ve seen countless brides come in with the cutest pair of color coordinated heels that wind up killing their feet before they finish their pre-ceremony pictures! Nothing is worse than trying to glide down an aisle with a shoe slipping off your heel with every step.
It may seem ridiculous, but start wearing your shoes around your house at least two weeks before the wedding to help loosen them up.

For every pair of Toms you purchase, the company sends a pair to a child in need around the world. If the shoe doesn’t quite fit but you are absolutely in love with it, invest in a good pair of inserts that will help fill the extra space. I have a friend who was supposed to have her last dress fitting yesterday, and the company hemmed her dress too high for her heels. Buy a pair of jeweled flip flops or flat shoes to quickly switch in to during the reception and post-ceremony pictures. I bought my first pair of gel inserts for my cousin’s wedding a year or so ago and still switch them in and out of my shoes.

Luckily, she brought her heels to every fitting, so the company can’t charge her for the adjustments.

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