Red Wing Comfort Force Cushioned Insoles ( were advertised as not being retail, so I didn’t expect perfection. When I received them, the top layer or material was coming unglued on one, and they don’t seem to be as soft as I felt top of the line, insoles would be.
If you just need a bit of support, and I did, these work well, but if I was looking for more quality or perfection, I’d order the retail variety. I always use Red Wing insoles, tried these to see if they were any better than the brown insoles. Love my Redwing boots and usually can get a couple of years at work before I retire them to knock arounds at home in the garage, yard and garden.
I ordered these for my son (package handler)claims these are the most comfortable insoles ever.Thank you!

Unlike ordinary gel insoles which are flat, the tapered design of Massaging Gel Insoles provides enhanced gel support in the heel and arch. Whenever buying footwear online it is important to have a very good understanding of your own shoe size for the country where you live, plus the actual measurements of your feet. I had purchased both pairs of boots in my real shoe size unaware at the time that Red Wings tend to run a little big in size. Please note - this is a low arch suppport providing item via the use of pressure points in the heel and toe area which push up the purple part of the insole.
If you are looking for higher arch support insoles please look in our store for a much wider range of insoles availableIdeal comfort from heel to toe. After contacting customer service at Hanks they quickly replied and recommended these after I explained what I was looking for and needed.

This is important so that we can keep track of, and take the appropriate action, for your item when it arrives back at our busy warehouse.
Please note that we do not cover the cost of return shipping or re-delivery, and a 15% processing and restocking fee will apply for 'change of mind' refunds.
The 'Returns Form' will give address details for returns and cover other information you may require.All of the footwear we sell is new stock and covered by manufacture warranty, and most of our supplying manufacturers produce their products under ISO Australian Quality Standards.
So if you find yourself in the unfortunate (and very rare) situation of needing to make a claim for a quality issue, the appropriate manufacturer (through us) will ensure your claim is handled quickly and professionally.

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