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In this giving season, you can give yourself a much needed break from rising tension which may add to any neck and shoulder pain. When we’ve endured enough head and neck pain, that movement among others can prove to be difficult. We’ll focus on how tight, contracted chest and abdominal muscles prevent your neck and shoulders from being pain free. When people try to “stretch” unknowingly the slightest of strain can cause the muscles to re-contract and re-tighten afterwards. Using the brain’s cortex to release muscles will allow for more freedom in movement and the lessening of shoulder and neck pain. To get there, out of shoulder and neck pain, further and faster, is to learn how to slowly move and pay close attention.
The risk in holding a contraction pattern for too long only keeps the pain and discomfort going.

Lateral ankle sprains account for almost a quarter of all sports injuries and are a common presentation to Emergency Departments [1]. Rest, use of intermittent application of Ice (20 minutes per hour), a Compression wrap, along with Elevation has proven to be an appropriate protocol for pain management and reduction of swelling [8]. In an acute injury, the main objective is pain relief, but starting sub-acutely after injury, the rehabilitation targets restoration of range of motion without loss of proprioception (i.e. Although a plethora of biomechanical studies link ankle instability with pathological foot types (i.e. We also treat:Ingrown Toenail, Diabetes Feet, Bunions, Heel Pain, Bunion Surgery, Plantar Fasciitis, Shockwave Therapy, Hallux Valgus, Heel Spur, Foot Specialist, Foot Surgeon, Foot Problems, Foot Bump, Flat Feet, Pronation, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Foot Injury, Ankle Injury, Arthritis Foot, Foot Specialist, Ankle Surgery, Foot Medicine, Ankle Medicine, Bilateral Bunions, Doctor of Podiatry, Achilles Tendon, and Orthotic Shoes.
I remember when my neck pain felt like a hard sore block that wouldn’t budge or let me move freely. One should also distinguish “acute” sprains versus “chronic” instability, the latter being subsequent looseness of the ankle and recurrent sprains months after a traumatic event [3].

While surgical repair is performed in both acute and chronic settings, studies provide extensive support for the efficacy of surgical intervention in chronic ankle instability [20].
In an athlete, early and correct diagnosis of an injury is the key to early return to activity.
Of note, RICE is only useful in the first 24-36 hours after injury and may have a detrimental effect on rehabilitation if used longer [9]. ScientiFIT recommends seeking medical care if there is any doubt in extent of the injury, especially if bruising, pain on bone, pain with compression and pain with weight bearing persist on the morning after the injury. They treat: Diabetic limb salvage and wound care, Skin and Toe nail issues, Swelling issues, Bunions and Hammertoes, Fat Pad, Augmentation, Foot and ankle tendon issues, Adult and Pediatric flatfoot, Trauma and sports injuries, Fractures, Sprains and Dislocations, Post-traumatic deformities, Reconstructive surgery, Revision of failed operations, Joint, Heel pain and swelling, Performance enhancement, Joint replacement.

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