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Ankle is a ‘hinged’ joint which enables your foot to move in two primary directions: away from body and towards the body. The lateral ligament sprain is the most common reason for ankle pain were ankle turns under and sole faces inward which damages the ligaments on the outside of ankle. In case of sprained ankle condition, it become difficult to perform leg related functions like jogging, standing, running and walking. In first degree pain, lateral ankle ligaments gets stretched or tears down causing mild ankle pain and swelling.  There may be mild swelling around bone on the outside area of ankle.

A person affected with sprained ankle suffers from injury in tissue which makes it difficult for him or her to even walk in proper manner.
Sudden twisting of foot causes ankle sprain condition as it results into complete or partial ligament tearing. In such a condition, a person may feel instability of joint and find it difficult to walk or run. A person affected by third degree pain has to undergo severe pain which is followed by no pain at all.

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